What’s On Your Year End Planning Checklist?

I just retired and my neighbor was telling me that her financial advisor always meets with her before the end of the year to go through her year end planning checklist. She said that missing something could end up costing you a lot of money. What’s on this checklist and what should I be worried […]

#CyberAware | What Should You Do If You’ve Been Scammed?

I think my mom was the victim of a cyber scam. She is retired and not all that computer savvy, and she feels really stupid for falling for it and doesn’t want to talk to anyone. In her case, she allowed an unsolicited caller who she thought was a technician remote access to her computer. […]

Financial Planning For Beginners: First Things First

What’s the first thing I should do to begin financial planning?   My wife and I are expecting our first child, so I’m motivated to get serious about financial planning. My question is, where do I start? I already have a savings account and a 401(k) plan through my employer. Should I invest in the […]

Ask Beau | Life Insurance Products – What Are Living Benefits?    

I keep hearing about new life insurance products and something called Living Benefits. What does that term mean and do you recommend them? Life insurance products can do more to leverage your money and strengthen your financial position than most people realize. Today’s newer policies have adapted to the need for more safety and protection […]

Ask Beau | 4 Tips To Get Paper Clutter Organized

What should I keep and what should I throw away? I’ve got the spring cleaning bug and recently came across boxes and files of old financial statements. My husband is self-employed and has boxes of receipts, all filed and organized by year, but many of them are fading now so you can’t even read the […]

Ask Beau | Change Your Results By Changing Your Mindset

Yeah, I get it, but how do I DO it?    I’ve been trying to get my business going for five years now and I’m exhausted. I’ve read every book, tried sure-fire marketing methods and success formulas. Sometimes things work for a while but eventually I always end up back where I started: worried about […]

Ask Beau | How can I improve my credit score?  

  I’m trying to qualify for a mortgage for my first home. I know having a credit card is good for your credit rating but I don’t know what I should be doing or not doing in order to improve my score. Can you please give me some tips and point me in the right […]

Ask Beau | Can I Lose Money In My Annuity?  

  My financial advisor set me up with an annuity that he said will give me a guaranteed income. I was talking to my neighbor about this and she said that annuities are terrible – that they can lose you money and have all sorts of high fees. Is she right? Can I lose money […]

Ask Beau: Should An Allowance Be Given or Earned?

When I was a kid, my dad used to give me five dollars a week for pocket money. When I wanted to go out with my friends, I would just ask, and he would give me a twenty. While this was very generous and all my friends used to be jealous, I never really learned […]