What’s On Your Year End Planning Checklist?

I just retired and my neighbor was telling me that her financial advisor always meets with her before the end of the year to go through her year end planning checklist. She said that missing something could end up costing you a lot of money. What’s on this checklist and what should I be worried […]

Be Grateful Even When Your Car Breaks Down

It happened this summer that my car overheated in the middle of the highway during rush hour on my way to work. As the steam came pouring out from under my hood, I navigated to the side of the road and got myself pulled over. It was HOT in the Georgia sunshine, already 90 degrees […]

5 Ways to Get Rich Today

Not everyone has the opportunity to invest in the stock market or a 401(k) benefit plan and not all of us can afford to take out a million dollar life insurance policy for the people we love. But everyone, regardless of age, salary or lifestyle, has the opportunity to make these five investments. While at […]

#CyberAware | What Should You Do If You’ve Been Scammed?

I think my mom was the victim of a cyber scam. She is retired and not all that computer savvy, and she feels really stupid for falling for it and doesn’t want to talk to anyone. In her case, she allowed an unsolicited caller who she thought was a technician remote access to her computer. […]

5 Things That Can Happen to You During a Cyber Scam  

The Federal Trade Commission and the Microsoft Windows security center have put out scam alerts and warnings to educate the public about a cyber scam that begins with an innocent little phone call. The caller pretends to be a concerned technician from Microsoft Windows alerting you to a problem with your computer, and things escalate […]

5 RichLife Investment Tips from Rock Stars

Rock star musicians and song writers from all walks of life speak to the RichLife principles because they’ve lived it, and now they get it. Money is a tool that can help us achieve our goals, but when the attainment of dollars alone is put above all other forms of wealth, pain results. Writing about […]

What Will You Have to Give Up in Order to Start An Emergency Fund?

 A recent survey conducted by Bankrate.com found that 30 million Americans tapped into their retirement savings during 2011 to cover unexpected expenses. The Wall Street Journal found that one in four households don’t have emergency funds, and of the households that do have these savings, more than half don’t have the recommended amount. This is […]

Life Lessons – A 3-Step Path to Getting Unstuck

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a king condemned to roll a boulder up a steep slope for all eternity. The gods designed this particular punishment because they knew that hard work without the hope of reward or accomplishment would be the worst fate of all to endure. Yet how many of us feel the effects […]

5 Ways Your Money Is Making You Sick

We know taking care of our bodies is important, but most of us don’t make the connection between our health and our wallets. Stress caused by debt and money worries doesn’t just make you poor in terms of your bank accounts; it also depletes your physical well-being. What’s more, it can have negative impacts on […]

Work Life Balance: Less Time At Work Equates To Getting Rich For More Dads

This article was originally published by The Good Men Project on July 7, 2015 How More Dads Are Finally Getting Rich There is the expectation that as the father of the house, you go out into the world and you earn the dough. You do whatever it takes to get ahead, build a career and […]