Is It Time For Your Retirement CPR (Comprehensive Planning Review)?

When you look at your overall financial picture, what do you see? Do you see a unified, strategic, and focused portfolio with every piece of the puzzle working together to get you to a specific goal? Or, do you have a 401(k) here, an IRA there, a life insurance policy somewhere else? Do you remember […]

Three Financial Reminders for Tax Season

Tax season is upon us, and while we might dread this time of year, taxes are a necessary evil that we must face. If you are like one-third of Americans, you wait until the last minute to file your taxes. Unfortunately, procrastinating won’t do anything except increase your blood pressure, so don’t wait until mid-April […]

Do You Need Help With 401(k) Accounts?

There’s no doubt that 401(k) accounts are an incredible asset to help you reach your retirement savings goals. These employer-sponsored savings plans offer a tax-advantaged way for you to save, often with matching contributions from the employer and multiple investment options. But 401(k)s can become problematic when you change employers, which many Americans do on […]

Are Your Financial Accounts Protected From Hackers?

Every few months, it seems we see a news story about a company’s database being hacked or private information leaking online. According to a MetricStream Research survey, two-thirds of financial institutions have experienced a cyberattack in the past year. And this becomes particularly worrisome during tax season when we see an uptick in tax-related scams […]

Love and Money: Three Actions to Create Financial Peace

When it comes to your relationship, you can’t put a price on harmony. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the statistics that surround the topic of love and money. Most of us have a unique financial personality. Some of us are savers, some are spenders. In a relationship, one partner may be conservative, the other […]

Is Your Financial Strategy Tax-Diversified?

This start of this year has already shown us how much change is on the horizon in Washington DC. One of these changes is in the arena of tax reform. While the winning Republicans often favor tax cuts over increases, even President-elect Donald Trump’s proposals would signify tax increases for some people of every income […]

How to Prepare Your Financial Plan for the Trump Presidency

Believe it or not, Donald Trump is now our president. Now that the inauguration dust has started to settle, experts are analyzing and dissecting his campaign promises and proposed measures to predict how his leadership will affect various sectors of our nation. More than anything else, people are curious, and probably a bit concerned, about […]

Roth or Traditional: Which IRA is Right for You?

Investing is far from simple, especially when you start looking at all your options and trying to determine what is right for you. When it comes to your retirement, Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, are the most widely-used investment vehicles. They are retirement accounts that are separate from your employment, which greatly simplifies things. IRAs […]

Why You Need a Financial Advisor in 2017

How often do you worry about money and your future retirement? How much stress do your finances add to your life? Americans’ fears regarding their lifestyle, medical bills, and retirement continue to increase each year. More than 50% of Americans worry about not being able to maintain the standard of living they enjoy, and 64% […]