The Emotion of Money With Merideth Bisiker

Certified money coach Merideth Bisiker talks money, behavior and the emotions behind them.

  • Finding Financial Health and Freedom at Any Age
  • Teaching Financial Literacy to Your Children
  • How Emotions Are Linked to Your Money Behaviors


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Merideth Bisiker, B.A., is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)¨ who helps men and women take courageous action with their finances so that they can build healthy relationships with money and come to terms with their financial past. She encourages her students to dream bigger and create the lives THEY really want.

After experiencing a debilitating financial crisis three years ago, Merideth turned what could have led to disaster into a great opportunity: she took the lessons she learned about money and financial shame and turned them into tools and lessons to coach others through their money anxiety and achieve financial peace.

Merideth helps her determined students implement realistic plans that work for their own lives, and she supports them as they pay down their debt, grow their savings, and improve their income. As a Certified Money Coach (CMC) with over 20 years of banking, accounting and banking experience, she applies her unique brand of money savvy and positive energy to uplift and support her students.


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